Software developer kit

Getting Nemo SDK

Install nemomobile into Virtualbox. Install manjaro-arm-tools and base-devel packages

pacman -Syyu
pacman -S manjaro-arm-tools base-devel

Build packages

Start with Nemo packaging repository packaging repository or with manjaro-arm packages. The build procedure is given by scripts in PKGBUILD file.

x86_64 build:

cd ./glacier-browser-git # enter the package directory
makepkg # build package
pacman -U glacier-browser*pkg* # install package

aarch64 build:

buildarmpkg -k -p glacier-browser-git # skip -k when want clean chroot

The command expects working repository in chroot configuration:


To add new package into repository copy the file into directory and run repo-add:

repo-add -q "nemomobile.db.tar.xz" "*.pkg.tar.*"

Building rootfs

The rootfs images are based on packages it self and recipe how to bake them together. There is a list of packages to use, list of services to enable, and other configuration. This is specific for device and desktop environment. This is in arm-profiles repository. The buildarmimg downloads upstream repository after first run into /usr/share/manjaro-arm-tools/profiles/arm-profiles. This folder should be replaced by nemomobile branch from arm-profiles repository.

The rootfs image could be build as follows:

sudo buildarmimg -d pinephone -e nemomobile -k