Glacier UI is the next interface for NemoMobile. It is a new UI, created and built by the community, and made with the latest technologies like Qt 5 and Wayland. For developing look on Software Development Kit and our Application Programming Interface documentation.

Try it

On a PinePhone or PineTab

  • Download latest image from (for example Manjaro-ARM-nemomobile-pinephone-0.94.img.xz)
  • Choose whether to install it onto the eMMC or the µSD card.
    • To install onto the SD card, use the following command:
      xz -dc "Manjaro-ARM-nemomobile-pinephone-0.94.img.xz" | dd if=/dev/stdin of=/dev/mmcblk0 status=progress conv=fsync bs=4M
    • To install onto the eMMC, use the JumpDrive tool.


  • Install standard Manjaro Linux.
  • Add repository nemomobile repository into /etc/pacman.conf. It must be first in the list.
    SigLevel = Optional
    Server =
  • Install NemoMobile packages
    pacman -S --noconfirm $(pacman -Slq nemomobile)
  • Enable mce daemon by running systemctl enable mce
  • Enable dsme daemon by running systemctl enable dsme
  • Disable device display going blank mcetool -j enabled
  • Add device-specific configuration files, such as /etc and /var/lib/environment/compositor. Sparse files aren’t part of packages and are device specific.
  • Ensure the configuration is set correctly for the device. For example, change /dev/dri/card1 to /dev/dri/card0.
  • Make sure user is all necessary groups such as input group.
  • Run lipstick or logout, choose NemoMobile, and logging in.