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Glacier UI is the next interface for Nemo mobile. It is a new UI, created and built by the community, and made with the latest technologies like Qt 5 and Wayland. For developing use libglacierapp and qtquickcontrols-nemo

Try it

On a phone

Before experimenting with the Glacier UX you should enable the developer mode and follow the installation instructions.

Please, note: Glacier UX is in alpha stage, so any contributions (including testing) are welcome! :)


To build a Glacier image, use Sailfish SDK and this (nemo-clean.ks) file.

First we must update mic in the SDK:

SDK# sudo su
SDK# zypper ar -G mer-up
SDK# zypper ar -G mer-tools
SDK# zypper ref
SDK# zypper in mic

Build command is

SDK# export PORT_ARCH=aarch64 #replace to you arch
SDK# sudo mic create fs --arch=$PORT_ARCH --tokenmap=ARCH:$PORT_ARCH --record-pkgs=name,url --outdir=nemo-test --pack-to=nemo_test-$PORT_ARCH.tar.bz2

I have a problem!

If you have some problems we welcome you to our IRC (#nemo on Freenode, or on Matrix or Telegram groups. You can also post issues on our issue tracker

In an issue you’ll have to include the following information:

  • Device
  • Version Nemo/SailfishOS
  • A description of the problems
  • Links to log