NemoMobile is the successor of MeeGo and is
a truly opensource Mer-based Linux Mobile Operating System

NemoMobile is community driven effort to bring a truly free and open choice of mobile operating system to the end user.


Free Open Source Software. Anyone can see, use and contribute to the codebase. NemoMobile is a completely free and open software built and maintained by the community.

Built with mobile in mind

NemoMobile utilizes well developed and fully open source Mer-core. Mer-core has been optimized for mobile devices and is based on multi-platform toolkit Qt.

Easy to use UX

Glacier UX as the default the use of NemoMobile is fluid and natural. It is very easy to build new user experiences on top of NemoMobile.


Security is a default with true Linux devices. You control everything just like with your Linux desktop.

Want to contribute?

You can contribute by joining our Telegram group, IRC channel and checking out our GitHub repos. You can ask us for help and we will be happy to answer any questions.

Development so far

Check here for our current development progress.