Nemomobile in April 2023
April 28, 2023

Nemomobile in April 2023

In the past month, NemoMobile made progress on the Weather app, Qt *.prf file compilation issues, and device orientation functionality. NemoMobile was also featured in a Lightning talk at the LinuxAppSummit conference.

Weather application improvements

The configuration of the Weather application has been reworked, and the city model is now stored in an sqlite database.

Qt *.prf wasn’t in the right folder

The *.prf file was moved to the correct folder. This file is usually provided by a library and included in the Qt project client application using CONFIG += something, adding definitions to the Qt project such as linking with qt dbus module, etc. Some libraries installed this file in a different folder, causing missing features. This issue arose while rebuilding nemo-qml-plugin-calendar. The fix with *.prf also resolves the problem with including libraries. The addition of -liodata-qt5 here may no longer be necessary, as CONFIG += iodata takes the same information from iodata.prf. Unfortunately, qmake does not produce an error message when the *.prf file is not found.

Orientation in qqc-nemo

The part of Qt Quick Controls Nemo that handles device orientation has undergone significant rework, resulting in the removal of a large block of code. This simplification was necessary as these parts must be done on the compositor side.

Nemo at LinuxAppSummit

The LinuxAppSummit conference was held in Brno on April 22-23 and covered many topics such as flatpak, snap, flutter, app testing, accessibility, and more. The conference concluded with a lightning talk on NemoMobile.