Put your hand to the work on Nemomobile
January 3, 2022

Put your hand to the work on Nemomobile

There is a number of bugs to solve. This is not prioritized list, but overview all visible issues. Some of them have some explanation, but solution must be found yet. Feel free to pick some issue, write fix, and make an pull request.

Home screen and core components




  • setup-camera.sh reports error and /dev/video0 is not created, glacier-camera application shows only black screen
  • libcamera integration could probably bring better user experience. It does similar magic as a megapixels app do, but it is generic and usable by other hardware as well.

Other applications bugs or missing features

  • glacier-gallery – pinch to zoom doesn’t work
  • glacier-gallery – tracker3 throws away data about removable devices (even it is root partition)
    gsettings set org.freedesktop.Tracker3.Miner.Files removable-days-threshold 0
  • glacier-browser – needs more user experience. Currently, It opens everything into new tab.
  • glacer-alarmclock – proof of concept – how should be alarm triggered with timed?
  • glacier-calendar – proof of concept – missing nemo-qml-plugin-calendar
  • waydroid, flatpak - keyboard and others, desktop apps integration (keyboard, windows)

Hardware support

It should be discussed for each device. What is missing for PinePhone?

  • haptics feedback / vibra motor – the ngfd reports full memory of device. Less patterns in configuration might help.
  • nfc
  • flash light - but where to add it?
    echo 1 > /sys/class/leds/white:flash/brightness
  • gps – geoclue gives data from geoip, but not from gps
  • compass – it seems magnetometer gives some data via procfs, but glacier-testtool shows only frozen needle. Same as pinephone-compass aplication.