Status matrix July/2021
Test PinePhone
July 30, 2021

Status matrix July/2021

This is review of current status. The features was tested on PinePhone BraveHeart with image made using Github Actions. What works and what doesn’t work?


feature status comment
boots into graphics takes 3 minutes (mce daemon)
glacier-dialer/phone calls × ofonoctl list says denied
settings: 3G/4G connection × ofonoctl list says denied
glacier-contacts ~ can create/edit/delete/import contacts
glacier-messages / SMS × seems to be dead without modem other telepathy messaging is not accessible
glaceir-camera × black screen only
megapixels no video, pictures only, “poor quality” (but it probably issue of the sensor)
settings: wifi don’t show anything in saved connections
settings: bluetooth discovery worked (didn’t try to connect)
glacier-email ~ proof of concept
glacier-gallery tracker sometimes doesn’t show any picture
glacier-music plays music, don’t know if headphones/phone calls will switch profile
fingerterm works great
settings: usb networking manjaro@ + 123456
settings: usb MTP × doesn’t work for me
settings: languages × proposed solution with ~/.xprofile
glacier-browser qtwebengine, not very fast, not always “mobile”
settings: wallpaper same as glacier-gallery, cannot set default wallpaper easily
glacier-calc works like a charm
notifications works, needs applications
glacier-alarm × no application for that, should wakeup device
glacier-calendar × no application for that
NFC ~ didn’t tried
positioning (GPS) ~ it showed position from geoclu, not sure if works
glacier-maps × missing, could be done with modRana or pure-maps?
power saving / wakeup ~ Some issue which turns of screen. Cannot test with Brave Heart edition. Battery life should be measured.
volume control × Doens’t work
power key × dsme/priviledged user issue, overlay
maliit keyboard ~ mostly works, incorrect minimizing, doens’t work with gtk apps
package management ~ pacman -S package, broken pacman gpg keys, UI application is not available
gtk apps × keyboard doesn’t show, theme is not mobile
anbox/waydroid × megi kernel doesn’t have necessary modules
flatpak desktop icon isn’t created, keyboard not working
glacier-weather × some app with OS integration should be done yet
flashlight/torch × To be done yet.

You can compare state of nemomobile with ubuntu touch or with postmarketOS.